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Miscellaneous Reports

The more I research, the more reports I find. Instead of trying to separate them into various types of reports, if they're not a Divisional or Regimental After Action Report or if they're not a Unit History Report, they're here under "Miscellaneous Reports."

Many of these are interviews with battlefield commanders, conducted anywhere from a few weeks to a few months after the actual battle. There are also some Oral Interviews here, either sent to me or "found" on the Internet.

To make this as organized as possible, I'm organizing them as the following:

  • Division Reports
  • Regimental Reports
  • Battalion Reports
  • Company Reports

They are in chronological order, at least as best I could tell from the report.

80th Infantry Division

80th Infantry Division Miscellaneous Reports

317th Infantry Regiment

317th Infantry Regiment Reports

317th - 1st Battalion Reports

317th - 2d Battalion Reports

317th - 3d Battalion Reports

318th Infantry Regiment

318th Infantry Regiment Reports

318th - 1st Battalion Reports

318th - 2d Battalion Reports

318th - 3d Battalion Reports

319th Infantry Regiment

319th Infantry Regiment Reports

The Gravel Agitator - Newspaper of the 319th Infantry Regiment

319th - 1st Battalion Reports

319th - 2d Battalion Reports

319th - 3d Battalion Reports

80th Engineer Battalion

80th Engineer Battalion Reports

  • 305th Eng Bn - Moselle River Crossing - 05-12SEP44 - Interviews with Major Charles G. Croker, Col Lovett (1117 Eng Grp), Major Brooks (Hvy Pontoon Bn), T/Sgt Lucus (Hvy Pontoon Bn), Major R.R. McCorkle (XO, 248th Eng Bn) and Capt E.H. Cockrell, Major Leonard W. Peterson (1117 Eng Grp Operations Officer), Capt Paul Cote (CO, Co B, 167th Bn)
  • 305th Eng Bn - History of Company - 06AUG44-31JUL45 - Day-by-day record of events
80th Division Field Artillery

80th Division Field Artillery Unit Reports

80th Signal Company

80th Reconnaisance Troop

305th Medical Battalion

Miscellaneous Units

Tank Battalion Reports

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