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80th Infantry Division
80th Infantry Division Veteran's Association

National Officers 2013 - 2014

  • National Commander
    MG (R) John P. McLaren (80th Training Cmd)
    1233 Hartfort Drive
    Virginia Beach, VA 23464

  • Senior Vice Commander
    Jeff Wignall (A-318, Family)
    27 Martinack Avenue
    Peabody, MA 01960

  • 2nd Vice Commander
    Douglas Knorr (A-317, Family)
    1609 Dracka Road
    Traverse City,
    MI 49685

  • 3rd Vice Commander
    Bill Black (G-319, Family)
    1031 Overlook Park Lane
    Lawrenceville, GA 30043

  • National Secretary/Treasurer
    CSM (R) Doris M. Wollett (80th Training Cmd)
    5101 Hurop Road
    Sandston, VA 23150

  • National Chaplain
    Douglas Knorr (A-317, Family)

  • Judge Advocate
    Dempsey M. Prappas (AT-317)

  • Historian
    PNC Lee S. Anthony (F-317, Family, WWI)

  • National Service Officer
    COL Kelly J. Niernberger (80th Training Cmd)

  • Flag/Color Sergeant
    Roger Nelson (Eng Reg, Family, WWI)

  • Sergeant-at-Arms
    Bert R. Marsh (M-319)


  • 1 Year: Jim Christen (G-317, Family)
  • 2 Year: Laverne J. Schock (F-317)
  • 3 Year: PNC Walton Spangler (A-319)


  • 1 Year: PNC Elmer Dorsten (A-318)
  • 1 Year: Paul Stutts (I-317, Family)
  • 1 Year: MSG(R) Edmond P. Herbert (80th Training Cmd)

  • 2 Years: George E. Anderson (905 FA)
  • 2 Years: Vacant
  • 2 Years: Vacant

  • 3 Years: Vacant
  • 3 Years: Vacant
  • 3 Years: Vacant